Why We’re Here

We're on a mission to make buying and selling real estate less daunting.

The system consumers use to buy and sell homes was created in 1913 and has barely changed over the last 100 years. These days, every major purchase can be made online except for the most important one—buying your home.

Hands holding a mobile phone
As a seller, you spend thousands getting your home together, hoping buyers will be interested, and crossing your fingers you’ve chosen the right day to list.
Birds eye view of a neighborhood of homes
As a buyer, you’re constantly refreshing your feeds, popping into any open house you see, and holding your breath after every bid.

It's time for real estate to enter the 21st century.

Aalto’s modern, self-service real estate platform simplifies the entire process and puts you in control of your transaction.

Buyers can access exclusive homes and get cash back when they purchase. Sellers are able to explore their home sale with no commitment and for a fair fee, saving up to 80% on their sale versus traditional.

And for the first time, everyone can talk directly.

Just a smooth, transparent experience for all, with our expert Aalto Advisors on call.

Welcome to the future of real estate, available today.

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