Never would have been able to get “dream house” without the private market.



Molly’s Story

Molly and her husband, Gavin, were casually searching for their next home.

They had been looking on the usual sites, like Zillow and Redfin, for a long time, and had toured at least 12 homes before their agent, Sherrie Faber, suggested Aalto.

“We were casually searching when we had our second kid… We were always thinking: we’re either going to add on to this house or we’re going to move.”

Aalto helped to expand their search, revealing new, high-quality inventory.

“Aalto isn’t like Redfin or Zillow or any of the usual sites people go on… I love the layout, I love the user experience, it’s really good. I was looking at it every day. Homes on Aalto just had this added quality.”

Then one Wednesday they got a notification that seemed to check all the boxes.

“Once we saw the house on Aalto we knew: it’s our style, we like the space, we like the area. It’s hard to find something that checks almost every box you want.”

After being the first buyers to view the home, her agent moved fast to secure it.

“We knew we had to move quick because homes like this don’t come up all that often… The longer you drag your feet, the less of a chance you have. [Sherrie] just said to them: listen, we’re serious buyers. We’re fully ready to move ahead. We’re ready to do whatever you need as soon as you need it.”

Ultimately, the sellers accepted Molly’s offer, and she and her family have loved the home ever since.

Molly gives her agent the highest possible marks for her innovative embrace of new technology to better serve her clients. “We wouldn’t have gotten this house without Sherri and Aalto.”

“What I love about Sherri is that she knows her business. She takes an entrepreneurial attitude toward her business… She creates relationships, signs them up on Aalto, and she’s cutting edge… I had never heard of Aalto, and now I’m one of your biggest fans!”

What does it say about an agent who’s on Aalto?

“I think it shows that they’re forward-thinking, that they’re innovative in the way that they run their business, and that it shows they’re creative.”

Molly’s Agent

Sherrie Faber

To Sherrie, real estate is more than just selling houses. It means creating connections — between buyer and agent, family and home, home and community. To achieve this, Sherrie leverages the private market on almost every transaction.


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