Kevin & Danielle


Two unique properties, sold quietly for record-beating prices.

Kevin & Danielle


Kevin & Danielle’s Story

As high-end developers and homeowners, Kevin and Danielle had specific needs for the two homes they sold privately in San Anselmo, CA. Aalto’s Private Listing was a natural choice.

“It’s a particular person that wants each of these homes. Aalto gave us the time we needed to find those buyers.”

Kevin and Danielle have worked in luxury home design for years — and their homes show it.

The quality and attention to detail of the first home they listed on Aalto was unparalleled, and deserving of a marketing channel that matched it in elegance.

“Not having to do open houses and brokers opens made it easy for us to continue on our with our lives while our home was for sale.”

Their family had lived in San Anselmo for several years, but decided to move to Sun Valley, Idaho full time.

What about selling publicly?

“The worry is if you try to sell publicly, and it sits, then all of a sudden [with the permanent days-on-market ticker] you have to mark down the price.”

They were living in Serene Home in Sleepy Hollow, while they built and marketed Sprawling Modern Farmhouse.

At over $6M, Sprawling Modern Farmhouse was one of the most expensive homes built in the neighborhood, a home that would need to reach a particular kind of buyer.

Even still, discretion and privacy were top priorities.

“In a high-end development, there can be a little bit of judgment, people wanting to know what’s going on, and wondering what you’re doing. The private market let us control the process while we waited for the right buyer.”

Their agents thoroughly understood the private market and curated just the right experience for Kevin and Danielle, one with sensible showing schedules involving only the most qualified buyers.

Sooner than they expected, the right buyer came along and Serene Home in Sleepy Hollow sold for a record-breaking price (both in terms of total price and on a per-square-foot basis).

Then they moved their attention to selling Sprawling Modern Farmhouse, a wonder of architecture and interior design previously featured in high-end photoshoots for companies like Restoration Hardware.

The second sale unlocked a major new benefit: massive leverage against a buyer who wanted to preempt a public sale.

“The buyers were happy to pay a bit more for the certainty of landing their dream home.”

In less than a three-month span, Kevin and Danielle sold over $9M of real estate on Aalto — from Sun Valley — while their agents handled every step of the process.

“You [at Aalto] have created a new language in real estate… That’s interesting. Aalto has become a driver to push buyers to make faster decisions.”