Jacqui & Pete


Sale closed in under 30 days, from across the country.

Jacqui & Pete


Jacqui & Pete’s Story

Jacqui had owned her home in Larkspur for twelve years, then began renting it out upon moving her family to Florida.

“My accountant said we were running out of time to sell the Larkspur home as a primary residence, so we figured we would test the waters, knowing we could always move back in if we didn’t get the price we wanted.”

So Jacqui and her real estate agent, Whitney Rich, decided to list the home privately on Aalto.

Immediately the private market interest poured in, all while avoiding unwanted attention from friends and neighbors.

“From my very first conversation with her to the home closing, it was less than 30 days.”

One of the things that attracted Jacqui to Aalto was the premium look and feel of the homes.

“Properties on Aalto feel hot. It feels like you have to get them now, while you still can.”

Jacqui believed it would work out well if her home received the same treatment as the others on Aalto.

It worked.

Whitney listed Sunny Contemporary Home privately at the price Jacqui wanted, $1,850,000, and it ended up selling for even more.

“My agent [Whitney] was even more bullish than I was about pricing, so she set the price slightly higher… We priced at $1.825M and it sold for $1.9M.”

All with no open houses and no lookie-loos, all while the seller relaxed in sunny Florida.

There’s also something nice about knowing your home is being presented well, among other desirable properties, not in a sea of duds.

“Visually, Aalto is really nice. I always want to open the emails right away because it feels like it’s going to be a hot property that’ll go soon. [Aalto] properties are hot.”

“There hasn’t been much disruption in real estate from the homeowner’s perspective…until Aalto. I’m excited to see you expand!”

Jacqui & Pete’s Agent

Whitney Rich

As a third-generation real estate professional raised in Marin, Whitney emphasizes results delivered with discretion. Her clientele include executives, public figures, and other savvy buyers and sellers.