Dan & Beth


Were able to remain calm when a buyer backed out of escrow and resell on Aalto in days.

Dan & Beth


Dan & Beth’s Story

Dan, a former high-school athletics director, avoided what could have been a disastrous selling process had his agent, Alex, not suggested a private sale through Aalto.

“We had chosen a buyer from Aalto, and were later surprised to find some mold, a small amount and easy to remove — but it still lost us the buyer.”

Because Aalto has no addresses, no days on market, and no permanent public record, Dan could avoid having his home, Charming Home in San Anselmo, labeled as a “problem house” in the local gossip mill. In addition to the injustice, such false rumors could have disastrously stigmatized the home.

Instead, Aalto simply provided another high-quality buyer after Dan had a chance to hire professionals to remedy the minor issue.

“[If we had tried to sell publicly] buyers would have said, ‘Oh it was sold, and then the sold sign came down. Then why did it go back on the market? What’s wrong with that house?’ Then all of a sudden the rumors and gossip, and people saying ‘Don’t go near that house.’ We were lucky to escape all that.”

Deal-killing surprises like this happen more often than you would think.

In addition, Dan benefited from Aalto’s focus on the home, rather than on the home’s exact location.

“Because Aalto doesn’t have exact addresses, it gave buyers a chance to fall in love with the home itself first, rather than being distracted by it being on a busy street, which the buyers realized they didn’t mind.”

Finally, it was also an easier showing process, which was important to his family.

“The people [Aalto] brings are serious people, and that’s a huge benefit for me and my wife. We’ve got three dogs and a cat, so it’s a pain to have showing after showing of lookie loos. [Aalto] takes away the lookie-loos and just brings in people who are serious about buying a home.”

“But the worst part about a public sale is the open house… you also lose an important bargaining chip. You’re at the mercy [of the real estate portals]. With Aalto I had a chance to get the price I wanted, the price I thought was fair.”

And what about Dan’s wife, Beth?

“[She] hates that public listings cause people to call at random, and how it’s open to everybody… She said, ‘I’m so glad [we sold with Aalto]… We could just live in our house instead of having people go through it the whole time!’”

In the end, Dan was able to sell his house privately on Aalto at an exceptional price without having to move out, pay for staging, or upset his life with time-wasting, lookie-loo showings.

“We maximized [our home sale] because of Aalto… [If we had sold publicly] we would not be as happy as we are today; there’s just no chance.”

Dan & Beth’s Agent

Narodny Team

Karin and Alex Narodny are a mother-son team that brings more than 60 years of combined experience to their clients and they actively train and mentor a large part of the Marin Realtor population. Many Marin County real estate agents attribute their success directly to the consistent coaching received gratis from the Narodny Team. The team’s clients are often happy to know that the “coach” is their representative.