Biren & Kathryn


They found homes they couldn’t see anywhere else.

Biren & Kathryn


Biren & Kathryn’s Story

“The day-to-day of finding a house in California is really difficult — and I would even say depressing.”

After six months of living with his family in corporate housing, Biren and his wife, Kathryn, just about had it. They decided to focus all of their energy on finding a dream home that they could make their own.

“We were very qualified buyers, but we dealt with a lot of failure. We were knocking on doors for many months trying to find our dream home in the right neighborhood. We were desperate for an edge.”

Biren’s experience, while extreme, is all too relatable.

Everything changed when his real estate agent, Alex Narodny, told Biren about Aalto.

“Once I learned about Aalto, I started seeing inventory that I wasn’t seeing anywhere else.”

Aalto really clicked for Biren when he started noticing that homes appeared on Aalto weeks before the other sites — if the homes made it to the other sites at all. The best homes sell quickly on Aalto, but some later move to sites exposed to the general public.

“On Aalto, I always had first-look at the best homes so I had a chance to make offers before everyone else. No more picked-over homes on Zillow and Trulia!”

When asked if he’d recommend Aalto to other serious buyers, Biren answered simply.

“I can’t think of a good reason not to give Aalto a shot. It’s a new concept. It’s a new way of doing business on a real estate purchase.”

Biren & Kathryn’s Agent

Narodny Team

Karin and Alex Narodny are a mother-son team that brings more than 60 years of combined experience to their clients and they actively train and mentor a large part of the Marin Realtor population. Many Marin County real estate agents attribute their success directly to the consistent coaching received gratis from the Narodny Team. The team’s clients are often happy to know that the “coach” is their representative.