What is Aalto?


Aalto is the modern way to buy and sell real estate. We're on a mission to make buying and selling real estate less daunting by shifting the balance of power away from industry insiders and toward consumers. Aalto’s platform simplifies the entire real estate process by connecting homeowners directly with potential buyers. Buyers can access exclusive Bay Area homes without having to call an agent and sellers are able to explore their home sale with no commitment and for a fair fee, saving up to 80% on their sale versus traditional.

Aalto set out to make buying and selling less daunting by addressing the following:

  • More access: We believe everyone should have access to every home for sale. There are more homes for sale than what consumers can see themselves. We give sellers a new option to sell and surface those homes direct to consumers.
  • More transparency: We believe you should have access to all the information about homes for sale, but you can't because the process is so complex and lacks transparency.
  • Lower fees: We believe selling your home should cost less but it doesn’t because the entire industry for the last 100 years is built on high fees.
  • Less pressure: We believe you should not feel rushed into the largest transaction of your life but today the selling process is only built for immediate sales.

Together this results in a modern real estate platform where you are in control and can make informed decisions at each step of your transaction. Across the entire platform, local, licensed Aalto advisors are just one call away to help you with any questions you may have. You can browse Aalto homes right here

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