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Empowerment starts at home

And most homeowners are stuck.

That’s unfortunate because nothing influences quality of life more than where we choose to live.

Our commutes, our neighborhoods, our homes—they’re the foundation for everything in our day-to-day lives. And our lives aren’t stagnant—we’re switching jobs, building families, sending kids off to college—but today, our foundations are.

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What we value most

In addition to great design and execution, kind and brilliant coworkers, and a mission that matters deeply to us, four values differentiate us from other companies you might be exploring.

Simply put: there is no easy way to sell a home when we need or want to. And buying isn’t much better.

In fact, changing where we live is so time consuming and invasive—with signs in our yards, photos online, strangers in our houses—that we often hold out for too long. We’ll endure stressful commutes or keep bedrooms empty for years just to avoid the hassle. At every turn, painful obstacles get in the way.

In a perfect world, the process of transitioning homes would feel natural. We’d go at our own pace, confident at each step. And when we had questions, we’d get credible, common-sense answers from someone who truly cares about us, someone with whom we relate, and whose incentives align with our own.

We’d be in control, not at the whim of The Old Way of doing things. Offers would be clear, with terms melded perfectly to our situation. And upon accepting an offer, the logistics would just flow, requiring us to manage little more than an overnight bag.

Sound like a fairytale? Maybe a fairytale you’d like to bring to life?

If so, you might be a fit for Aalto.

First, we listen

“I’ve never encountered coworkers who knew the names and life details of so many users — but not in a creepy way!”

— Dan Lee

Residential real estate differs substantially from other industries in that its participants (all of us) bring inordinate amounts of emotion, feeling, and thoughts-unsaid when making decisions.

Decoding it all requires deep empathy. This is why we see listening as craft.

That doesn’t mean customers decide roadmaps or requirements—far from it—but we never build in a vacuum.

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We insist that lightheartedness coexist with excellence

“I joined Aalto because they seemed to truly enjoy coming into work and solving hard consumer problems.”

— Chris V.

Aalto’s founding team grew up around the unlikely combination of design, technology, and real estate.

Great work doesn’t require a furrowed brow.

We believe people should enjoy most days, and that means having fun.

Not Super-Soakers-in-the-office fun, but more like avalanche-of-candy-on-a-teammate’s-desk fun, or hanging out with a furry dog named Walter Heisenburg.

Photo of an Aalto team during a 1990s-themed Friday on a Zoom video call

We find residential real estate fascinating

“You can’t make this stuff up.”

— Kelley T.

Where else do massive financial stakes meet the emotions of raising a family, the psychology of competition, the frustration of a broken, archaic system, and the near-religious zeal of homeownership inspired by the American Dream?

It’s a rhetorical question. Nowhere else. :)

If you’re more excited now than you were when you began reading, you might just be a fit for Aalto. Please feel free to explore our open roles below.

And if not, thanks so much for stopping by.

Open Positions

Join our team if you’re up for the challenge of helping us match people with their perfect-fit house.

Product & Design

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  1. Software Engineer: Backend/Node