About us

Selling your home should be amazing.

Photo of person looking out window of a home, a Private Listing

It shouldn’t mean …

  • Strangers in your home
  • Signs in your yard
  • Signs prying into your life

Selling your home is one of the most important and intimate decisions you and your family can make.

It’s time to give it the respect it deserves.

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What is Aalto?

Aalto is the private real estate market, an entirely new way to sell your home — designed to give homeowners privacy, flexibility, and peace of mind.


It all starts with privacy

Privacy for your family is great on its own, but it’s even better when it enables a new world of possibilities…

With privacy at the center, Aalto is rebuilding the home-selling process in a way that gives sellers more optionality, flexibility, and control.

Say goodbye to invasive exposure, and hello to a new way of doing things.

Photo of person walking into a bedroom of a Private Listing property


The Aalto story

Aalto’s founding team grew up around the unlikely combination of design, technology, and real estate.

Like you, we’ve watched and wondered why design and technology hadn’t done much to improve the way people buy and (especially) sell homes.

So we decided to contribute our own vision focused on the human side of real estate, the part that yearns for empathy, understanding, and discretion.

With that, we created the private real estate market in 2018.


What it feels like to be an Aalto member

Like you’re helping to move real estate in the right direction, one that values quality of experience — not a discounted race to the bottom.

As a member of Aalto you have access to the best homes from the most discerning sellers, sellers who know their home deserves better.

Whether you’re an agent, a buyer, or a seller, you’ll love getting Private Listing notifications and attending curated private showings.


Mission-driven leadership

We understand the gravity of what we’re working with: the largest personal transaction most people ever conduct.

We don’t take it lightly.

That in mind, we’re serious about attracting the highest-caliber and most empathetic team members possible for our mission to build something wonderful that stands the test of time, changing real estate for good.

If that sounds interesting to you, send us a note, or explore Aalto careers.



Expect Aalto to be a little different

We believe the home is a sacred place, and have designed Aalto with that in mind.

The foundational tenant of this belief is that privacy matters.

All design decisions flow out of that simple but profound pillar, and we never compromise on it.

This is why we hide or blur information that could possibly threaten it.

  • We hide addresses.
  • We only show non-exact year-built and square-footage information, as real estate websites make it easy to locate a home with this information.
  • Easily recognizable homes often have fewer photos than they might otherwise were privacy not a concern.

In addition, Aalto makes it possible to sell without moving out — saving homeowners headaches and staging costs. Homeprint™ is our virtual preparation and furnishing service.

Because Aalto makes selling easier, homeowners are excited to sell much sooner than they would have otherwise — dramatically expanding available inventory and benefiting everyone.