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For sale, privately.

There’s a different way to buy and sell homes—one that’s growing quickly …and quietly. It’s called the Private Listing by Aalto.

Built around privacy, flexibility, and dignity, Aalto offers a welcome alternative to the stressful, invasive experience of a public MLS sale.

Sign up for free to access the private housing market in your area, and see what you’ve been missing.

Sellers love Aalto. 

Homeowners and their agents can now sell flexibly — without hassle, time-pressure or public exposure.

Buyers love Aalto.

Aalto gives agent-represented buyers direct access to 10-20% more homes for sale with new Private Listings added daily.

Agents love Aalto. 

Agents become superheroes when they give buyers direct access to the Private Market and sellers peace of mind to list without risk.


Aalto is changing the way homes are sold

“Every listing should start on Aalto.”

Julia Fitzpatrick
Compass – Own Marin
#1 Marin County Team, 2018

“If you’re not on Aalto you’re missing out.”

Alex Narodny
Golden Gate Sotheby’s
$48M in sales, 2018

“The Private Listing sets a new standard for off-MLS listings.”

Chelsea E. Ialeggio
GM, Vanguard Marin
$70M in sales personally, 2018

“Aalto is a welcome alternative to the Traditional MLS.”

C.J. Nakagawa
Golden Gate Sotheby’s
$50M in sales, 2018